Friday, March 10, 2017

find your serum soulmate

i have always loved customizing serums specific to my clients' skincare needs & goals.

super simple:  answer the questions below and email them to you.  i'll follow-up (probably 1 or 2 additional questions).  based on your skin and your goals, i'll see if i have the ingredients onhand to create your serum soulmate!

come by for your signature mix! {i've added it to my Service Menu under Skin Care}
 4oz for $15

Qs for your As:
1.  Any topical sensitivities or allergies?  (even with *natural* stuff like lavender or coconut)

2.  Big goal: a serum to hydrate?  or soothe?  or heal?

3.  Do you want/need something to add to your morning or evening regimen?

4.  Would you like a serum for your face specifically or general body use?

**copy & paste into your email; send to kenya [at]

{PS:} i stock some goodies from Mountain Rose Herbs
that you can purchase to custom-blend your own goodies!
be well {groomed!} / Studio 41
book online / (310) 866-0928
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