Friday, May 27, 2016

how often do i sugar?

i'm not consistent enough of a writer to do an actual FAQ Friday ... but if i were, this is a super common and also superb question:
"How frequently should I be getting professional body sugaring?"

for most sugar zones such as bikini, legs, arms, backs and chests: every 4 to 6 weeks
underarms, lips and eyebrows: every 2 to 3 weeks

the lower legs (from the knees to the toes) might be an exception. the hair on this part of the leg tends to be a bit darker and more coarse, especially when we first start removing it from the root with sugar paste. plus, we are ridiculously blessed with year-round sun & shorts weather in Cali, so some clients like to come in every 3 weeks for their lower legs combined with every 6 weeks for upper thigh and bikini.

with consistent sugaring, we are able to get most of the hairs on the same growth cycle. having the majority of the hairs on the same growth cycle encourages the hair to grow in at the same time and leaves you hair-free longer (yay!).

the big prize winning key word here is *consistent*.  setting up appointments at regular intervals works magic for the depletion of hair, creating happy skin and giving you smooth skin tone & texture.

ready to sugar, sugar? well then get in here!

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