sugaring {FAQs}

  • professional body sugaring rids you of pesky unwanted hairs from 'brows to toes and all the nooks & crannies in between, including your arms, armpits & lower legs!
  • sensitive skin?  sugaring is more gentle on the skin than waxing and gets all those wee hairs at the root.  we can always try a small test patch to see if your skin is a good fit for professional body sugaring.
  • i use a small batch, professional grade sugar paste made in the Pacific NW by a family-owned business. i love Tamara's Sugar ... the sugar is always consistent, their supporting products are fabulous and their customer service is excellent! learn more about them {here}.
  • never any double dipping ... because there is no dipping! i wear gloves and apply the sugar paste with my hands. once the sugar paste has been used, the glove & sugar go right into the trash.
  • i apply the sugar paste against hair growth, allowing it to cover the hair and work into the follicle. i remove the paste in the direction of hair growth, ensuring that the hair is removed cleanly from the root.
  • removing each hair from the root each time weakens the hair's root system and lessens the amount of hair growing in after each treatment. the hairs that do grow back are finer and less deeply rooted.
  • there are 3 *big* secrets to being happy with your professional body sugaring:
    • keep your skin in prime condition (exfoliate & hydrate)
    • never, ever, never pick, poke or prod your skin
    • be consistent with your sugaring
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