Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Fling that sugar!

Spring has officially been sprung from its wintry cocoon ----> time for your skin to come out from hibernation.

During the colder, darker months, we sometimes go a bit longer between sugar sessions.  What the heck; so ya wear sleeves to the gym. And, it saves you a wee bit of moolah and time.

But if you want smooth skin for summer --and to stay cleaner longer between sessions -- kick start your sugaring appointments now!

Here's what Jo, my armpit model in the photo & long-time client, had to say:
"shaving was fine when i didn't know about other methods, but now i can go for longer periods without thinking about my legs or armpits. i have not used a shaver in over a decade -- don't miss it at all!"
Some other benefits to your skin when you visit your sugarista at be well {groomed!}:
  • professional body sugaring is progressive and over time, you have less hair. plus the hair that does grow back is more fine and less noticeable. 
  • sugar paste does a fab job of removing all the dead surface skin, as well as dead skin that might be clogging follicles. leaves your sugared skin glowing and soft!
  • coming in for a professional body sugaring is easier than do-at-home methods ... you don't have to worry about any sticky mess!
  • we can discuss any seasonal changes to your skincare regimen ... and mix up your signature serum ... deeeelightful
Take a glance at your calendar and then click here to book your appointment. But don't wait too long because Studio 41 get hectic when the surf's up.

{PS} the armpit trend is real for spring!  check out this coverage by my faves, {The Fug Girls}

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