Tuesday, September 20, 2016

what's the deal? professional body sugaring

my pal here at SalonRepublic BeverlyHills --the inimitable stylish stylist Keenan King-- recently asked me for some talking points on sugaring so that he could better discuss it with his clients.

it was a blast from the past to put together just FIVE pointers to succinctly explain the many splendid things that is professional body sugaring. so, i thought i'd share them with you, too!
  1. your esthetician (aka sugarista) uses a sugar paste, literally made of sugar, water and lemon.  because the paste is water based, it feels gentle on your skin as it removes hair by the root (unlike wax, which is resin and can lift too many layers of skin, leaving your skin raw and shiny or *burned*).
  2. professional body sugaring removes the hair in the direction of hair growth, so you get a more effective and efficient removal of hair by the root.  this means less hair grows back over time and the hair that does grow back continues to be finer each session.
  3. there is NO double dipping, because there is no dipping!  the sugar paste is applied and removed by the sugarista's gloved hand.  once used, the glove is removed and tossed in the trash bin (along with the removed hair and exfoliated dead/dry skin ... buh-bye!).
  4. speaking of dead/dry skin, professional body sugaring is a superb exfoliation treatment and each time you come in for hair removal, you will leave with glowing, smooth skin.  (since the sugar paste is so good at gently removing dead skin, it's also a good treatment for clogged pores, including those in the bikini zone and everywhere you are sugared ... and you can be sugared from 'brows to toes and all the nooks & crannies in between).
  5. because professional body sugaring is so gentle on the skin, you can have a session before you go in for a spray tan or sport a bikini.  however, it is recommended that you give your skin about 24 hours of recovery time before you workout, spend a day at the beach, enjoy a hot tub or sauna or participate in hanky panky.
check 'em out. use this handy list to explain to your friends why you must be late for happy hour to see your sugarista!

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