Tuesday, August 04, 2015


it's very frustrating ... you do everything right, or at least as you normally do. and then, there it is ... a bump. what to do?

first of all: do NOTHING ... stop yourself before you poke, prod or pick and take a moment to breathe and develop a plan.

picking or prodding at the ingrown or clogged follicle (aka those pesky bumps) 
will most likely lead to scarring. 

however, if you keep focused on the end result (happy skin!) and treat your skin gently, those little bumps will be gone before you know it.

here we go:

keep it simple. no need to go full Rambo.  gentle exfoliation is not only the best prevention tool, it is also great for smoothing the skin after ingrowns occur.

for effective and non-irritating exfoliation, i prefer and recommend topical serums. you apply them after cleansing and before moisture; just put them on and leave them.

physical exfoliation (such as with a scrub or wash cloth) is very satisfying and there many accessible products on the market. however, you gotta watch yourself: make sure you don't scrub too hard and irritate the skin.  less is more with physical exfoliants.

once you exfoliate, continue to condition your skin with hydration.  these days, there is a bevy of beautiful, natural products to provide just the right feel you prefer for your skin.  look for ingredients that nourish and calm skin while avoiding products with sparkle, perfume, pigments or other irritants.  
if the bump is inflamed, you might try:
  • wrapping an ice cube in a layer of t-shirt and holding it to the bump to minimize the inflammation
  • apply a basic clay mask and remove with a wet, warm (not hot) wash cloth
  • apply a topical analgesic so that you don't feel the bump and are constantly tempted to check on it

if the bump ruptures, do not try to find the hair.  if it is a clogged follicle, there will be no hair. and the hair isn't really the issue; the issue is the trapped fluid and the body's immune response to the clogged pore.  simply clean the area with water and apply polysporin or a natural topical antibacterial.

let's recap:
  • don't pick, poke, or prod your skin ... you will do more damage than good!
  • develop a plan and treat your skin gently
  • continue to exfoliate (but not aggressively ... don't irritate your skin)
  • hydrate your skin with something nourishing and soothing
  • apply a clay mask or natural topical antibacterial 
  • consistent, timely professional sugaring helps to mitigate ingrowns!
after years of working with thousands of gorgeous clients, i've developed a list of some of their favorite products for keeping their skin in thriving condition:
if you still have questions, i'm happy to explore solutions with you. make an appointment for professional sugaring hair removal and we'll talk!  click here to make appointments and view the service menu.

now go enjoy your beautiful skin!

{image via Lorna Jane USA active wear}

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