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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Scientific American & hairlessness

for the past several years, i have taken vacation with family between February and March ... it's easier for me to get away from the studio and my parents can escape some cold!

five years ago, at the Miami Airport, i noticed Scientific American had an interesting article on its cover:   "Why Humans Have No Fur And How Evolving Bare Skin Led to Bigger Brains"

interesting for your sugarista, non?!?

thanks to the knowingness of the interwebs, i now have a digital copy. amazing!

the article itself is fascinating (to me ;) research about our evolution, ending with:
"The evolution of our hairlessness 
helped to set the stage for the 
emergence of large brains and symbolic thoughts."

wanna feel a little smarter?  c'mon in for a sugaring! 

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