Friday, March 20, 2015

happy spring!

hope your hip to hop about and celebrate the new season this weekend!

i consider the spring equinox one of my "mini-New Years" ... a great time to check in, see how my plans are zipping along (or, not) and where i might need to zig when i thought i might zag.

seasonal shifts bring some stress to the body ... which still, after all my many years on this big blue marble, surprises me.  so, you may find your body needs a bit more rest, hydration, or just basic TLC than usual.  you can also support your immune system by upping your intake of green leafy veggies, berries and fresh fruit.

you might want to schedule a refreshing facial and review your skin care products for the new season.

i'm also trying to increase the time i spend meditating.  look at the darling bunny rabbit photo ... couldn't you just meditate on that sweet fluff ball?

mindful meditation has been shown to improve the immune system, lower blood pressure & sharpen the mind in practitioners ... to which i say "oh, hell yes!"

not sure where to start?  it's really easy ... basically you just sit comfortably for five minutes and just breathe mindfully.  i like to focus on my breath by counting the length of my inhales & exhales. as a thought comes into your mind, you simply recognize it then send it on its way.

still unsure?  here are two recommendations:
check out The Inner Gym, Light Watkins new book 
(i'm reading this weekly adventure now)

wanna read more about the positive effects of mindfulness on your noggin?

there are so many great reports, authors and mindfulness teachers ... take the first step and tell me what you find.

PS: in case you were wondering why your esthetician is recommending meditation, well it's also really great for your skin health & vibrancy!

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