Sunday, May 03, 2009

being well

this morning on Face the Nation, the acting director of the CDC said that each year, around 35,000 people in the US die of the flu. this is a figure we aren't likely to consider until we are faced with a barrage of news reports on a new flu virus.

and, yesterday, a little pony that could zipped up the inside track to the finish line at the 135th Kentucky Derby. the world is full of miracles and mysteries. but to experience the game, you gotta be in the game.

are you ready for the big race? let's mine the wealth of health!

get ya some: fresh water. drink it and wash your hands frequently in it. taking in fresh water keeps your body functioning at its best and gives it the fluid needed to keep up its immune functions. washing your hands is still the best thing you can do to keep the any bugs at bay. and, lay off the hand sanitizer. if you touch something that seems suspicious, just keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth (this is a good, general rule!).

stockpile: nutrients that your body uses to keep its defenses strong: fresh, colorful fruits and veggies! start each morning with an orange or berries or grapes. add lemon juice to room temperature water and drink it down so that your body has good, clean systems to kick start your day.

tone it down: stress is a major drain on your body. and while stress simply IS, another reality is that you can actively and purposefully induce the relaxation response so that you minimize the strain on your adrenal gland, heart and circulatory system. here are a few ideas ... would love to hear from you what you're trying and what's helping you feel your most vivacious!
  • sit quietly for 2-5 minutes and focus --really focus-- on your breath. try these breathing exercises.
  • go for a walk in a park, on a trail, or at the beach. being in nature does wonders for our overtaxed central nervous system.
  • get good sleep
  • and, take a nap
  • try a restorative yoga class
  • get a facial!

cut it out:
to boost your immune system, limit sugars, processed foods, and dairy products. try to focus on this for a few days at a time, increasing the frequency as well as noticing the effects on your mood and bod.

add it in: shore up your resources with micronutrients by taking a well made multivitamin supplement.

think well, be well: don't be a head case! daily, make a list of all the many gifts life gives you. express your gratitude. hug a friend. laugh out loud. watch funny movies. listen to music that gives you a lift. volunteer at a local animal shelter. give a friend a hand with her big project. compliment a passerby on their jaunty hat. share, love ... live!

herbaliscious: investigate herbal tonics, tinctures, teas and supplements ... better yet, add them fresh to your meals! many herbs work to provide your body's immune network with greater robustness to better do its job. a few to consider: echinacea, fennel, garlic, kelp, plantain, parsley, catnip (we have an abundance growing here at chez chats :), watecress, stinging nettle, and sarsparilla (i love typing that ... like something from the fictional old west!).

so much of your well being is tied to the choices you make moment to moment. feels good to know that, doesn't it? choosing to connect with your being, explore your health, investigate your options, and enjoying the toe tingling results ... powerful, powerful stuff. as your self-care bon vivant, i look forward to skipping along the path with you, breathing deeply all the way.

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Melita said...

all very good and sound advice. hhp sounds fascinating, glad you will be keeping us abreast of all of that. love topics like this.