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I'm really great at helping my clients treat their skin fabulously.
I use gentle sugar paste to rid your body of pesky unwanted hair
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Friday, May 27, 2016

FAQ Friday

this week's FAQ Friday is a super common and also superb question:
"How frequently should I be getting professional body sugaring?"

for most sugar zones such as bikini, legs, arms, backs and chests: every 4 to 6 weeks
underarms, lips and eyebrows: every 2 to 3 weeks

the lower legs (from the knees to the toes) might be an exception. the hair on this part of the leg tends to be a bit darker and more coarse, especially when we first start removing it from the root with sugar paste. plus, we are ridiculously blessed with year-round sun & shorts weather in Cali, so some clients like to come in every 3 weeks for their lower legs combined with every 6 weeks for upper thigh and bikini.

with consistent sugaring, we are able to get most of the hairs on the same growth cycle. having the majority of the hairs on the same growth cycle encourages the hair to grow in at the same time and leaves you hair-free longer (yay!).

the big prize winning key word here is *consistent*.  setting up appointments at regular intervals works magic for the depletion of hair, creating happy skin and giving you smooth skin tone & texture.

ready to sugar, sugar?

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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

maximize your time

i know i do not even need to start about our traffic in LA.  so, if you are making a trip to see me, your sugarista, at be well {groomed!}/Studio 41, then maybe you should maximize your time by adding on a few appointments and visiting some of my friends here at SalonRepublic Beverly Hills/Pico.

are you way overdue for a fab facial (like me!)?  go see Andrea Jordan and she will smooth and even your skin tone (plus leave you feeling reeeeeelaxed!).
bonus tip:  book your sugaring appointment first, then your facial ... trust me!

does your hair look good but with some fine tuning, it could look great?  Keenan is your guy!

ready to take your gorgeous looks to the next level? lash out, with some perfect lashes from Dionne!

that was easy, right?  most of all, have a great time letting some awesome peoples take care of you.

time for a sugar?
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be well {groomed!}
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Friday, February 12, 2016

happy ❣️day!

happy longgggg weekend ... and Valentine's Day!
this holiday, let's get real about caring for our hearts, shall we?

according to the CDC, heart disease remains the #1 cause of death for men & women in America. some heart conditions are congenital.  my niece Maya handles her heart ailment like a boss!!

and while many of us may have a heritage or predisposition to heart disease, it is often preventable.

first & foremost, you gotta nourish your heart, mind & soul.
feed your body primo fuel and focus on nutrient sources that don't promote inflammation.  below this post, you'll find Dr. Weil's anti-inflammatory pyramid to get you started.  i also recommend following Michael Pollan's advice:

"eat food. 

not too much.

mostly plants."

an easy way for me to get fiber (eat more fiber, yo!) & an assortment of leafy greens is with a morning juice, like this one i whipped up for Lunar New Year (happy Year of the Monkey!).  dino & curly kale, parsley, frozen orgarnic mixed berries, frozen mango, cashews and a veg protein supplement (i'll update later with the brand & ingredients).

stress is part of life; no way around it. some stress is good for us. but, unmitigated stress can play a devastating role in the health of our hearts and minds.  reduce the impact of stress with contemplative practices like yoga & tai chi.  consider dabbling with a meditation practice (it's practice, not perfect ;).  guided meditations are often the easiest way to get started. try {these} from the Chopra Center.

as we work toward eating a bit healthier and de-stressing, it's important to continue to make time for what really feeds our soul ... what rocks you?  whether it's making art or finding new music, do it!  i count my lucky stars for my soulful moments ... i'm very close with my family, live with a sexy, super supportive partner, have a network of friends that spans my life & the globe, spend my days with amazing clients ... and cohabitate in a compound filled with extraordinary little fur muffins.

sometimes i lose track of what is most important and when i do, spending time with a gratitude list reminds me of all the joy i revel in. sometimes i use a special journal; sometimes i just write out what comes to mind right then ... which always brings up more of the special people and moments in my life.  making my gratitude list, digging deep, really feeling what i am grateful for gets my soul glowing. this really works ... every. dang. time.

tonight i will raise a glass of heart healthy red wine to you ... to living & loving life, with all our hearts!

to recap:  for the happiest, healthiest heart: nourish body, mind & soul.
  • try foods that do not tend to promote inflammation
  • eat more fiber!
  • get loads of vitamins & minerals in a glass of home made green juice
  • contemplative practices & meditation support a healthy heart ... and help you deeeeeeeee-stress
  • make time to focus on what works in your life, what you are grateful for 
  • Kenya will be drinking red wine later tonight

PS: here is Dr. Weil's anti-inflammatory pyramid:

give your skin a sweet treat: start sugaring!
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be well {groomed!}
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