Welcome! I'm Kenya, your self-care bon vivant.
I'm really great at helping my clients treat their skin fabulously.
I use gentle sugar paste to rid your body of pesky unwanted hair
and provide loads of skin care & mindful living tips.
You can visit me at be well {groomed!} in Studio 41
at SalonRepublic's Beverly Hills/Pico location.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

self-care: feed & condition your skin

at be well {groomed!}, i talk about *conditioning* your skin ... which just means exfoliate, hydrate and treat yourself like the goddess you are!

for the best in botanical, organic skin goodies, i 💖 Mountain Rose Herbs

i stock a few of the most necessary products at Studio 41:
  • Aloe Vera Gel: this is the real deal, y'all. pulled from the plant by hand & cold pressed.
  • Sea Salt: solar evaporated in fine or coarse, this makes the PERFECT scrub for yo' tub!
  • Sweet Almond Oil: organic, unrefined & loaded (with fatty acids & Vitamins A & E)

swing by for some sweet sugaring & we'll talk more about how to use these and other products to keep you in your best fightin' shape!

be well {groomed!} / Studio 41
book online / (310) 866-0928
SalonRepublic BeverlyHills
LA, CA  90035

Monday, January 23, 2017

get radical: take care of you!

i am overwhelmed with the beautiful turnout for The Women's March this past Saturday ... here in LA and around the world.  

it was an absolute privilege to  be able to take time away from the studio and spend the full day with 750,000 active souls! i feel honored & inspired to have walked, talked & rallied with so many bright minds & creative spirits, representing a beautiful, inclusive rainbow of genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

one thing that became clear to me (well MANY things clarified, but this one is top of mind for this post!): as we organize, activate, come together and work toward equality (women's, POC, LGBTQIA, worker's, civil, immigrant & disabilty rights), reproductive rights, and environmental justice, we must also invest in radical self-care.

{invest in yourself.
we can't show up for others 
if we aren't taking care of ourselves}

as your self-care bonvivant, i've focused on, encouraged & written about self-care practices for years. and, to do my part to support our efforts to move our nation forward, i will double down on self-care topics.

here are links to some of my favorite postings from the past.  if you have questions about these posts or ideas for future posts, please reach out.

i look forward to hearing from you ... we are all in this together!

be well {groomed!} / Studio 41
SalonRepublic BeverlyHills
LA, CA  90035

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

away from the Studio: the March!

i'll be away from the studio this Saturday to attend the Women's March in LA, a sister march to the one concurrent in DC.  based on the number of emails with links to the March that i've sent to clients, many of us both want to go and need more info.  so i pulled together links that i found helpful along with some detailed interviews with organizers to stoke the fires for empowerment, inclusiveness, and courageous conversations.

i want to acknowledge what a privilege i feel it is to be able to attend this march.  thank you to my clients who were willing to move from their previously scheduled appointments for this Saturday. and thanks to other clients who understood why they weren't able to book this Saturday.  thank you also to my partner in love & life, the Hub, who fully supports my attending and will be marching with us.

the link list:
{link} to the Women's March
{link} to the Women's March LA web site
{link} to the Women's March LA evite (be counted!)
{link} to find your March! (there are currently over 600!) 
{link} the vision for the Guiding Vision & Definition of Principles
{link} to what to bring to the march

tune in for inspiration from the organizers:

Tamika Mallory & Linda Sarsour on Pod Save America

Sarah Sophie Flicker & Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs on Call Your Girlfriend

see you there!