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Saturday, April 29, 2017

winds ... ugh!

gusts are whipping through LA, giving us gorgeous mountain views.

i grew up in Oklahoma so I am no stranger to a good breeze. here's what i learned over the years: our skin can dry out in a flash when cooler winds come to town. put these tips & tricks to work and keep flaky skin at bay.

1. give the dry air the slip: TiZo3 not only offers physical blockers for harsh UV rays it ALSO contains silica derivatives to prevent the wind from blasting your gentle skin. when i was sailing in the Bahamas many moons ago with my folks & beloved, the TiZo3 saved my skin from the buffeting winds!

2. in the battle of wind vs. skin, plant oils are the MVPs.  i've created some beautiful custom-blended serums for clients using delish oils as bases: jojoba, rosehip, vitamin e & wheat germ oils are all fabulous for the face and keep your skin hydrated & supple.  oil is quite thick and provides an occlusive barrier to the skin, prevent trans-epidermal water loss (or TEWL), the reason why we feel crinkly when dry winds blow (or in drier climates).

3. okay, here's a great secret ... i always put just a smidge of hydrating oils up my schnoz. yep, you heard me. a little oil in your nostrils can hydrate the skin and keep moisture in your nasal passageways (preventing those danged nose bleeds that always happen at inopportune times!).

4. hydrate from the inside out ... drink loads of water and nosh on hydrating and rich foods (fresh, raw veggies contain good amounts of water and avocados lube your body with rich, healthy fats).

5. when gale forces roar, downshift the frequency with which you use exfoliating products.

come in for a professional sugaring session &
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

self-care starts with you, baby!

it's a busy world out there ... texts, twitter, work, passion projects, political movements. each of these can feed our soul in their own way; can motivate and thrill us ... and also deplete us. so we gotta carve out time to tend to ourselves.

i've spent a lifetime studying self-improvement thought leaders. i've walked on fire; taken leadership workshops. studied the benefits of meditation. sweated it out & taught yoga classes.  i've also worked too many hours in a week, for weeks on end. i've struggled through grief and depression. and i've seen the benefits of taking precious, intentioned time for oneself.

all this l-i-v-i-n' leads me to believe that these are some of the very best for your self-care toolbox:
  • self-talk: {see below πŸ’‹}
  • rest: making sure you're getting the right amount for this specific time in your life
  • nourishment: eat greens, drink water and really feed your soul & body with art, food, & friends
  • movement: workout those big feelings & build energy for what lies ahead
  • treat yo self: get a facial, a blow-out & a sugar ... seriously, our only job is to make you look & feel fabulous!
today, i really want to dig in to self-talk ....
taking the best care of you really starts here.  i very much want you to know how incredible you are. and as my mentor Marie Forleo says "the world needs that special gift that only you have." but sometimes we forget our own unique awesomeness and say absolutely horrid things to ourselves. while what you say to yourself may not be audible to the outside world, your nervous system hears it loud & clear. this type of self-focused negativity can divert our attention, sap our energy, deplete our creativity and get in the way of powering toward our goals.

when i start to get down on myself, one thing that always works: getting grateful. focusing on all that i have to be thankful for has pulled me out some very deep foxholes.

an example ... running.  soooo not my thing. i will always lag behind on workouts that include sprinting. and i'll be honest: i have whispered in my own ear some fairly hurtful things about my lack of skill in this area. 

nowadays tho,  as soon as i start in on myself, i try to switch gears: "man i sure am glad to be outside today...beautiful!" "i am so lucky to be able to run, for fun!"

awesome self-talk doesn't have to be pie-in-the-sky stuff either. the goal is to be fair with yourself, to offer support and love. and also to notice when you have a tendency to get negative and put a STOP to that BS. 

it's like this: mindful self-talk is a habit; habit is a muscle; muscles require a bit of work to stay strong! in addition to using gratitude, create a go-to list of your favorite looks, moments and wins.  remind yourself anytime you need a pick me up. and, take time to invest in your own self-care!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

post-sugaring tips ... audio!

okay, so i like to *listen* to stuff ... while i'm doing other stuff (of course!). and i thought you might like that, too.

this is my first audio file. and the Hub has promised to help me improve the sound quality on future versions. but let me know what you think.

it's a quick listen!

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