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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

thank you & update from the vinyasa yoga teacher training

helloooooooo from my vinyasa yoga teacher training experience!

i have been thinking about you all ... how much i appreciate your patience and support while i'm away, earning my 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher certification.  your enthusiastic emails & texts make my heart swell ... thank you thank you thank you!

i'm having a blast ... and it's a lot of work!  so many times of thought of a specific pose for this dear client or a point in our chakra & energy discussion for another. i'm continually amazed how synergistically life flows.

i'll be back in the studio on February 3 and you can make appointments by clicking {here!}.  i am also considering fun ways to share my experience and yoga training so ... stay tuned!

meanwhile, join me in taking a moment to focus on our breath ... breathing deeply and allowing the breath to linger a bit ... and then sighing it out.

now, let's go rock this day!

{who doesn't need a little Piglet & Pooh snuggle in their day?}

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

vinyasa yoga teacher training, part II

{freaking awesome graphic from lovegrace}
here we are, together in a new year ... what are your plans?

a big one for me is to finish part 2 of my vinyasa yoga teacher training with the amazing Liz Arch, at my yoga home Red Diamond.

this means i'll be away be well {groomed!} and Studio 41 later this month. here are the details:
OUT of the studio January 23 thru January 31
back IN the studio on Tuesday February 3

my yoga journey brings a chuckle. when i began, about 13 years ago, i felt too old to start yoga. (i know, right?). hear me out, my teachers were younger than me. i sat in an office all day and traveled around the United States for work.  i had to work with a private coach just to get the strength for the beginner classes.

when i've thought about taking a teacher training over the years, guess what i thought ... yep, that i was too old. so, i've come full circle and have enjoyed every step ... it's simply time to take my journey ... further.  

i tend to pick a word to kick of my new year and i think i just found it:  further

are you ready?  let's go! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

wishing a superbly sparkly hollyday season!

happy winter soulstice, New Year and other fabulous wintery hollydaze celebrations!

whatever your thang, do it in your own style.

and, remember: Your Presence is the Present!

see ya in 2015 ... let's rock it!!

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