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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

try this: Happy Baby Pose

it's the end of the day ... you've made it through work, mind-numbing meetings and the Indy car race home.  your feel tired, tight and grumpy.

i have a suggestion ... as soon as you walk in to your welcoming home and kick-off your shoes, try going right into an easy but also PERFECT for our modern lifestyle stretch:
Ananda Balasana aka Happy Baby Pose

i know, i know ... your furry friends want affection and your mail begs for attention. but you will actually feel so much more ready to deal with this part of your life if you stop, drop and Happy Baby!

it's super easy:
  • lie on your back (see, awesomely easy)
  • take a few deep breaths and allow the floor to support you
  • on an exhale, bring your knees back toward your underarms so that your right inner thigh is to the outside of your right ribs (and the same on the left)
  • inhale, and reach to hold the outside of your feet. if you can't reach your feet, no worries. you can use a strap. or, place your hands on the outside of your upper legs
  • dorsiflex your feet and align your ankle over your knee (see the picture below)
{📷by Coach AJ at DogTown Crossfit}

Happy Baby Pose is the gateway to more stretching! you can also *straddle your baby* (extend feet and straighten legs) and *rock your babe* (gently rock right and left while keeping your spine long).  once you're down on the floor and lying on your back, you can easily move to other poses such as seated forward fold (paschimottanasana) or butterfly pose (bound angle pose/baddha konasana).

if you stay in Happy Baby for a bit or move on to your next stretch, try to stay focused on your breath.  let your inhale & exhale slow and lengthen. and allow your breath to signal the movement.

one of my yoga teachers, Ashley Warwick, has said that "you can't be mad in Happy Baby."  and she's right ... the movement is simply too gentle and grounding.  YogaJournal even includes this pose in their *Happiness Boosting* poses.

Happy Baby has been reported to boost your circulation, elongate/lengthen the spine, reduce low back tension, gently open the groin region ... all while releasing the day's drudgery and elevating your spirits.

and that lengthening of the spine is no small thing. ever-constant gravity combined with sitting for long periods can compress the cushioning pillows between the vertebra in our spine. lying down with your feet up can help relieve the compression on these discs ... you may feel and actually stand taller after the stretch.

there are some contraindications for this pose: proceed with caution if you are pregnant or if you have a knee and neck injury.

benefits of Happy Baby pose include:
  • improved circulation
  • relief of low back tension
  • gentle stretch of inner groin
  • lengthening & elongating the spine
  • relieving compression on spongy discs in your spine
  • headache relief
  • in the mood for more stretching!

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be well {groomed!}
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Friday, May 27, 2016

FAQ Friday

this week's FAQ Friday is a super common and also superb question:
"How frequently should I be getting professional body sugaring?"

for most sugar zones such as bikini, legs, arms, backs and chests: every 4 to 6 weeks
underarms, lips and eyebrows: every 2 to 3 weeks

the lower legs (from the knees to the toes) might be an exception. the hair on this part of the leg tends to be a bit darker and more coarse, especially when we first start removing it from the root with sugar paste. plus, we are ridiculously blessed with year-round sun & shorts weather in Cali, so some clients like to come in every 3 weeks for their lower legs combined with every 6 weeks for upper thigh and bikini.

with consistent sugaring, we are able to get most of the hairs on the same growth cycle. having the majority of the hairs on the same growth cycle encourages the hair to grow in at the same time and leaves you hair-free longer (yay!).

the big prize winning key word here is *consistent*.  setting up appointments at regular intervals works magic for the depletion of hair, creating happy skin and giving you smooth skin tone & texture.

ready to sugar, sugar?

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be well {groomed!}
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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

maximize your time

i know i do not even need to start about our traffic in LA.  so, if you are making a trip to see me, your sugarista, at be well {groomed!}/Studio 41, then maybe you should maximize your time by adding on a few appointments and visiting some of my friends here at SalonRepublic Beverly Hills/Pico.

are you way overdue for a fab facial (like me!)?  go see Andrea Jordan and she will smooth and even your skin tone (plus leave you feeling reeeeeelaxed!).
bonus tip:  book your sugaring appointment first, then your facial ... trust me!

does your hair look good but with some fine tuning, it could look great?  Keenan is your guy!

ready to take your gorgeous looks to the next level? lash out, with some perfect lashes from Dionne!

that was easy, right?  most of all, have a great time letting some awesome peoples take care of you.

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