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I'm really great at helping my clients treat their skin fabulously.
I use gentle sugar paste to rid your body of pesky unwanted hair
and provide loads of skin care & mindful living tips.
You can visit me at be well {groomed!} in Studio 41
at SalonRepublic's Beverly Hills/Pico location.
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Friday, October 21, 2016

this weekend: we CrushCancer

hey hey, ghouls & boos, before you head out for spooky bacchanals, head over to Palms & Motor Ave for CrushCancer this Saturday!

you can bid on Crush Beautifully (see all the gorgeous details below!), workout, checkout loads of vendors and hang out with my badass #FitFam from Dogtown Crossfit!

come in for a professional sugaring session &
we'll compare our favorite Olympic lifts!

or, kenya@bewellgroomed.com
be well {groomed!} / Studio 41
SalonRepublic BeverlyHills
LA, CA  90035

Monday, October 03, 2016

b w {g!} faves: to the power of 3

lemme tell ya, these three muskateers are a power-packed trio! 

Soothing Oil, Rhassoul Clay and Fine Sea Salt work individually or together for beautiful, compounding effects to condition & refine the skin, keeping it resilient & glowing.

the Soothing Oil is perfect post-sugaring (or after any type of exfoliation).  I also like to add a drop or two to the Rhassoul Clay when I make a deep cleaning mask.  The Rhassoul Clay & Sea Salt combine for the perfect full body exfoliation (or use the salt solo and it will do sluff away the day!).

here's a fab treat for your tootsies after a long day:
Fill a bowl large enough for both feet with warm water, add a handful of Fine Sea Salt, a dash of Rhassoul Clay and 3 drops of Soothing Oil.  Pour yourself a glass of tasty red wine, and settle into a comfy seat, then slide your little doggies into the water. Ahhhhhhh ... sip your wine and enjoy!  To spice it up, take a small handful of sea salt and exfoliate the rough edges of your feet. (Bonus: you'll also exfoliate your hands too!).

Once you're done with your wine and/or your soak, warm a half dropper of Soothing Oil in your hands and massage your feet, making sure to work the oil around the nail beds and in the toe crevices.

Mucho more details on ingredients, 
origins and uses below the unicorn!

come in for a professional sugaring session &
sample these delish products

you can book online by clicking here
or, kenya@bewellgroomed.com
be well {groomed!} / Studio 41
SalonRepublic BeverlyHills
LA, CA  90035

Soothing Oil

A combination of nine natural healing oils (including tea tree, hemp seed, and vitamin E oils) Tamara's Soothing Oil is antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal, which makes this a perfect oil to use post sugaring treatments.
Use post-exfoliation, post-sugaring and on cuts, insect bites, new tattoos, athlete's foot, toenail fungus and mild burns to prevent scarring.

NO: Animal Testing, Animal Ingredients, Alcohols, Glutens, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Dyes, THC, Petroleum, Phthalates

Rhassoul Clay
A truly exquisite spa quality clay from ancient deposits unearthed from the fertile Atlas Mountains in Morocco. This mineral rich clay blends extremely well with water making its application to the face and skin a smooth and delightful experience. This clay has been used for over 1400 years as a soap, shampoo, and skin conditioner, and the finest spas across the world currently utilize it for its therapeutic benefits.

This clay is quarry mined from deep beneath the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco. It is sun dried and untreated. When first mined, Rhassoul clay appears as a polished brown, soap-like clay, which is chunky in appearance and resembling rocks. After further refinement and micronization, the end product is a smooth almost silken earth.
Because Rhassoul can be used for a variety of professional applications, it is an invaluable enhancement for spa treatments and for personal use. As Rhassoul is considered to contain higher percentages of silica and magnesium than other clays, it is thought to be far more effective. Also, due to its greater ability to swell with the addition of water, Rhassoul achieves better results in skin treatment.
Fine Sea Salt
This all natural, solar evaporated sea salt makes the perfect scrub, bath salt, or addition to your custom formulated bath blends. Our sea salt is gathered from the Pacific Ocean on the West Coast of North America.

Enjoy a truly euphoric bathing experience by combining these all-natural salts with dried herbs, flowers, and essential oils. Salt is vital to good health, and is required by the human body in order to function properly.

Sodium functions as an electrolyte, and assists with regulating the electrical charges within our cells. Chloride supports potassium absorption, enhances carbon dioxide transportation, regulates body fluid levels, and is an essential component of digestive acids.

PS:  The descriptions on the clay & salt are from Mountain Rose Herbs and are for educational purposes only.  This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Friday, September 30, 2016

crush beautifully

for the past two years, i have participated in DogTown Crossfit's annual fundraiser CrushCancer.  it's a little tricky for me (and my clients) to take a Saturday off. so, this year i am not participating but i am STILL supporting, along with some wonderful friends from SalonRepublic ... and you can too!

below you'll find all the details on our Crush Beautifully package of products & services, created for the on-site auction.  if you can't make it to CrushCancer on 10/22, you can still fund research by clicking on this {link} ... make sure you watch the video!.

Crush Beautifully:  Over $600 
in services and products to lift your spirits

The best lifestyle, hair and skincare professionals from SalonRepublic BeverlyHills have joined together to offer a prized package of services and products to raise funds to CrushCancer.  To bid on this glam offer, show up at CrushCancer on October 22 in Los Angeles.
The scoop:

Andrea Jordan, Esthetician/Product Entrepreneur
Andrea Jordan Skincare www.andreajordanskincare.com
Jordan & Petersen www.jordanpetersenskincare.com
Over $300 in holistic, healthy, non-toxic, plant science & paraben free products
With a client list of Who's Who of exactly the people you want your esthetician treating, Andrea Jordan has long been trusted to keep the skin of the beautiful people glowing and vibrant.  Along with her friend and business partner, Susie Petersen, she's poured her hard-won knowledge and expertise into an exciting new line of products that are based in plant science and paraben free.

Keenan King, Hair Stylist, specializing in textured hair
$125 cut + $25 blowout
for more information, check out photo shoots & videos on web site.
(to book call (310) 497-3328; Tues thru Thurs appointments only)
Keenan King was a sought after commercial stylist in New York. After 9/11, he moved to Los Angeles and focused his keen eye on hair.  He's amassed a large fan club of people with all types of hair, while also specializing in cuts and products that help textured hair thrive.

Kenya Barber, Esthetician/Sugarista
$150 in professional body sugaring
(to book, log on to web site and select online booking. or email kenya@bewellgroomed.com)
Selected as Pop Sugar's Best Bikini Waxer and featured on NBC and in the Los Angeles Times, Kenya's be well {groomed!} makes getting your hairs removed fun.  Her focus on conditioning the skin and client education keep the sugar flowing, hairs gone and laughter roaring!

 To make the winning bid on this Crush Beautifully package, join CrushCancer on 10/22 at Palms Elementary School, 3250 Motor Ave (across from Dogtown Crossfit)!