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Thursday, October 01, 2015


are you ready?

Halloween is on a Saturda


we get an extra hour of haunting 

(daylight savings time begins 11/1)



be well {groomed!} and Studio 41 will be open all day on Halloween

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


i love it when clients and their skin see all the benefits of professional body sugaring!  if only i had a space where i could share these success stories ... oh, hang on ...

Emily, like most of my clients, is a lovely, smart girl. She came to be well {groomed!} at Studio 41 because she was tired of bumps and the subsequent scarring left on her skin from occasional waxing and shaving (again, like most of my clients!).

on her very first visit, i gave her the be well {groomed!} basics:
  1. stay consistent: schedule your appointments in advance for about every 4-6 weeks
  2. no shaving or tweezing in between appointments
  3. never pick, poke or prod your skin
  4. treat your skin very gently the day or two after sugaring, applying as much soothing moisture as you need
  5. for the first 24 hours after sugaring, follow the Rule of NO:  zero, zilch, nada hanky panky, sand, surf, hot tubs, spinning, working out, sparkle lotion, deodorant, perfume sprays or anything that can cause heat & friction on the skin
  6. consistently & gently exfoliate & hydrate your skin
  7. i repeat: never pick, poke or prod your skin!
last week, she stopped by the studio for your regular appointment and her skin looked fantastic!
"It's amazing ... I finally just did what you said and my skin is perfect!"

while i love hearing that she "did what i said," i'm even more excited for her and her smooth skin!  the #1 thing that helped:
"I stopped picking! And, I'm exfoliating and hydrating consistently."

 are you ready to commit to smoother skin?  look for sugaristas in your area.  you can also call or email me and i'll connect you with other esthteticians.  or, make your appointment by clicking {here}

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall for professional body sugaring!

Happy Fall, y'all!

i know it's tough to tell based on the temperatures here in Los Angeles, but tomorrow, September 23, is the Fall Equinox.

somewhere, leaves are turning and days are cooling ... closets are re-stocked with sweaters and new coats are being purchased. for me, cooler days mean more time on our dusty hiking trails!

and still ... you should make time for your regular professional body sugaring!  in LA, we've many more hot days.  but even as the days shorten, you see the most benefit from sugaring year 'round.
  1. sugaring has compounding impact ... the longer you've sugared, the less hair comes back and the more fine those hairs are that come back.
  2. your skin needs the exfoliation in the Fall too ... and, your skin stays acclimated to the sugaring
  3. you are ready for adventure! sugaring year 'round keeps you ready for spontaneous beach holidays & trips to the hot tubs.
  4. it's a great time to sugar legs and underarms ... and when summer rolls back around, you'll already have finer hair!
want to know more about sugaring? just click {here}.  or, email me at kenya@bewellgroomed.com. you can also book an appointment {here}.

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