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Friday, July 25, 2014

game on!

hey hey ... i'll be away from be well {groomed!} and Studio 41 tomorrow, July 26.  i'm heading to Carson to gawk at the amazing Crossfit athletes competing in the Crossfit Games.

thank you to all my fabulous clients who put up with the live broadcasts of the Games for the past several days.

wanna see more?  you can re-watch the Masters events here.  or, tune in for live coverage and update shows here!

hope your summer weekend is superbly sunshiney!  see you soon!

PS: if you're headed out to the sunshine, check out these SPF tips!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

fun in the sun!

summer is fo'reals here in SoCal. we went to the beach on Monday and the water was sooooooo warm. no, seriously ... warm!

i've put together a handy guide to optimize your sunshine time. included are my favorite types of physical-blocker SPFs, other ways to protect your precious skin from sun damage as well as tips to take care of your skin from the inside.

{summer fun image by Josrick}
SPF: put it on your body!
when we were at the beach, i did not see a single person apply anything that might resemble SPF on themselves or anyone with them. i also saw very few hats or shade of any type. as an esthetician, i'm hoping that they made the right choice to apply their SPF at home. as i sat re-applying my Tizo over my tattoos and an old burn scar on my leg, i sent some healing vibes out to my fellow beach goers.

current, sound science encourages us to apply an SPF that provides a physical block of the UV rays. it's important to note that i said "PHYSICAL block." physical blockers are typically zinc & titanium minerals but also include emollient extracts from grape seeds, coconuts & shea nuts. also, it's not enough to apply once. you should reapply every 2.5 to 3 hours and anytime you sweat or toss about in the water.

my current fave (we've been going steady for a bout 4 years) is the TiZo line.  i recommend TiZo3 for the face and TiZo Ultra Sensitive or the TiZo Sheer Foam for the body.  (i also love their TiZo LipTec, SPF 45 for your gorgeous smile).  these TiZo products are 100% physical blockers, full-spectrum protections, NO chemical UV absorbers, NO parabens, and NO dyes, perfumes, colorants or other pore-clogging fillers. these products are not made with nanoparticulates.

you can pick up the TiZo products at be well {groomed!} at Studio 41 (and probably online).

i also found a fab link listing many brands of physical blocking and/or "natural" SPFs. check it out by clicking {here!}.

Surf's up!
you can also make the most of the sun's energizing rays and treat your skin with the love it deserves by considering the following:
  • hats are chic! and they shade your face with style. 
  • long sleeves can actually be a bit cooler than sleeveless as they shade your skin from direct sun, preventing heat build up within that part of your body. (and, of course, material can provide a physical block to the sun's UV rays. you can even ante up to SPF50 clothes).
  • extracts from grape seeds, coconuts, and shea nuts tend to have a natural SPF of 15, plus they are loaded with antioxidants, nutrients & moisture. you MUST reapply frequently. and, you can feel a bit greasy (as well as damage your swim trunks). but you'll glow from all of that moisture. 
  • speaking of antioxidants: eat 'em up! interesting studies hint that we can protect & repair the body from the inside out by consuming antioxidants. you can find them in supplement form, but it's so tasty to just eat them! color is key in finding foods that deliver these cancer fighting molecules. here's a link of 20 common foods with the most antioxidants.
  • Vitamin D is an important nutrient so make sure you do get out in the sun. notice if you're in the habit (as many people are) of going from your home, to your car, to your office & back again. we all get into ruts, so take note of patterns that don't serve you (& your skin).
  • the safest sun tends to be pre-11am and post-4pm. and the best areas to absorb Vitamin D quickly are the large muscle groups (thighs & backs) as well as the chest area.
  • drink tons of water. i'm serious, drink it up! this will help your body operate at max capacity so that healing & self-repair happen fluidly. plus, sweat & high temps can dehydrate your being at a more rapid pace. stay fluid!
  • get enough deep rest for what your body needs at this point in your life.  
  • move your body! exercise pumps your circulatory system and courses oxygen through your body. sweat also helps move unwanted waste out of your body. an elevated metabolism encourages the skin to slough off dead, dry stuffeven better, getting your heart rate up may also help your skin look younger; check out this NYTimes article!
any other summertime questions you're itching to ask? please feel free to leave a comment or email me at kenya@bewellgroomed.com.  and, while you're at it, include your favorite summer tune ... that song that just sings "sunshine" in your ear!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

i'm done messin' with Texas!

i'm back at be well {groomed!} in cozy little Studio 41 at SalonRepublic, sorting through emails and voicemails.  thank you for your patience. hope to see you very soon!

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