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Friday, March 20, 2015

happy spring!

hope your hip to hop about and celebrate the new season this weekend!

i consider the spring equinox one of my "mini-New Years" ... a great time to check in, see how my plans are zipping along (or, not) and where i might need to zig when i thought i might zag.

seasonal shifts bring some stress to the body ... which still, after all my many years on this big blue marble, surprises me.  so, you may find your body needs a bit more rest, hydration, or just basic TLC than usual.  you can also support your immune system by upping your intake of green leafy veggies, berries and fresh fruit.

you might want to schedule a refreshing facial and review your skin care products for the new season.

i'm also trying to increase the time i spend meditating.  look at the darling bunny rabbit photo ... couldn't you just meditate on that sweet fluff ball?

mindful meditation has been shown to improve the immune system, lower blood pressure & sharpen the mind in practitioners ... to which i say "oh, hell yes!"

not sure where to start?  it's really easy ... basically you just sit comfortably for five minutes and just breathe mindfully.  i like to focus on my breath by counting the length of my inhales & exhales. as a thought comes into your mind, you simply recognize it then send it on its way.

still unsure?  here are two recommendations:
check out The Inner Gym, Light Watkins new book 
(i'm reading this weekly adventure now)

wanna read more about the positive effects of mindfulness on your noggin?

there are so many great reports, authors and mindfulness teachers ... take the first step and tell me what you find.

PS: in case you were wondering why your esthetician is recommending meditation, well it's also really great for your skin health & vibrancy!

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Scientific American & hairlessness

for the past several years, i have taken vacation with family between February and March ... it's easier for me to get away from the studio and my parents can escape some cold!

five years ago, at the Miami Airport, i noticed Scientific American had an interesting article on its cover:   "Why Humans Have No Fur And How Evolving Bare Skin Led to Bigger Brains"

interesting for your sugarista, non?!?

thanks to the knowingness of the interwebs, i now have a digital copy. amazing!

the article itself is fascinating (to me ;) research about our evolution, ending with:
"The evolution of our hairlessness 
helped to set the stage for the 
emergence of large brains and symbolic thoughts."

wanna feel a little smarter?  c'mon in for a sugaring! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

yoga & your esthetician

hey everyone ... it's official! i am now a certified 200-hour level vinyasa yoga teacher.  i honestly had so much fun during this training.  most of you know how fascinated i am by the body and especially the mind/body connection. so, much of the training seemed like play time.

plus, my teacher, Liz Arch, put together a superbly organized course. each session built perfectly on the last, just like the smooth alignment found in building a yoga pose from the ground up (root down through your feet, stack hips over knees over ankles, lengthen your tailbone toward the ground ...and on up through the crown of the head).

many of you have asked "what's next?"

i am very happy to say i love my job!  so, right now, nothing will change.

i do very much want to teach and share the beauty & power of yoga as well as be of service  ... so, stay tuned! i might email or post a Sunday or Monday class here.  as my teaching confidence and skills develop, perhaps i will find a more consistent class to teach.

until then, i highly recommend my teacher, Liz! her classes are a lot of fun ... tough but fabulously sequenced. here's a link to her schedule.

also, i practice at Red Diamond Yoga and love all the teachers there ... including Liz and Sheryl, the owner.  check out their schedule.

and, yes, i'm still lifting weights and attempting pull-ups at DogTown CrossFit. you can always meet me there! i'm doing my very first CrossFit Open this year ... yikes!

all this typing about yoga & CrossFit has me wondering ... what do you do to move your body? what is your favorite type of workout?  do you have any questions for me about yoga?

leave a comment here, shoot me an email or i'll see ya at be well {groomed!} / Studio 41 at SalonRepublic!

PS: how awesome is that beach picture of my yoga class & me? Robert Sturman's photography is gorgeous and will rock your soul. Go, see!

PPS:  thank you for your kind patience while i was away for teacher training. you can always see my travel schedule {here} and book your own appointment {here}.

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